Flexibility ‘crucial’ to evolving networks, says Ofgem and BEIS

Ofgem and BEIS have called on the Energy Networks Association’s (ENA) Open Networks Project to now progress with delivering least regrets actions and identifying a pathway for future development.

In an open letter to the ENA, Ofgem and BEIS described flexibility as “crucial” to the evolution of energy networks and called for specific actions and deliverables when it comes to facilitating coordination between flexibility markets and national balancing/ancillary services.

Ofgem and BEIS stated they expect a clear plan with ambitious timelines for identifying and delivering the least regrets actions from the ENA, as well as an identification of where decisions need to be made before future actions can be delivered. This includes where current policy or regulation is a barrier with recommendations discussed with Ofgem and BEIS for their removal.

Responding, ENA Chief Executive David Smith said: “We welcome the clarity from BEIS and Ofgem in highlighting further areas of focus for the Project, which we will reflect in our future work, and look forward to carry on working with all stakeholders to deliver the decentralised, digitalised and decarbonised energy system that the country needs.”