Funding identified as biggest barrier to green retrofit

Almost three quarters (74%) of housing associations cite a lack of funding as the biggest barrier to rolling out an ambitious national retrofitting programme for social housing.

On 11 September, the National Housing Federation (NHF) released findings from a survey which sought to identify the major obstacles that housing associations are facing in attempts to make homes greener and more energy efficient. As well as funding challenges, over half (56%) reported a lack of clarity in government policy was making it difficult to plan effectively or with confidence. Elsewhere, the challenge of investing in energy efficiency improvements while addressing other priorities, such as coronavirus support and building safety remediation, was cited as a barrier by 40% of respondents.

The survey also saw housing associations report concerns around capacity in supply chains (34%), along with the lack of a retrofit strategy or plan in the organisation (22%).

Rob Wall, Head of Policy at the NHF, said: “Recent funding announcements are welcome. But the National Housing Federation hopes to see the government commit to a £3.8bn ten-year Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund, as they committed to in their 2019 manifesto. This money, with a policy roadmap for standards, targets and requirements, will mean the government and social housing providers can work together to reach the UK’s target of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.”