Gas network companies plot zero carbon gas grid

The UK’s five gas network companies have launched a major project, aiming to move Britain’s gas pipelines to zero carbon hydrogen and biomethane.

In mid-April, National Grid, Wales & West, Northern Gas Networks, Cadent and SGN unveiled Gas Goes Green, led by the Energy Networks Association (ENA), which will look to ensure that the UK’s gas network infrastructure is ready for households and businesses to switch to a new generation of hydrogen-ready boilers.

The first phase of the programme will involve agreeing and delivering a Hydrogen Transformation Plan, ensuring Britain is ready for a boiler switchover scheme; undertaking the required technical and operational research for government to make changes to regulations for using hydrogen and renewable gases in the gas networks; agreeing and delivering updated safety measures for running a zero carbon gas grid; and making changes to connections to the gas grid so that it becomes easier for farmers, along with other businesses, to feed in green gases, such as biomethane, into the local gas grid.

Speaking with H2 View on 6 May, Head of Gas at the ENA, Matt Hindle, said: “The Gas Goes Green programme is the gas network’s plan to achieve a net zero gas grid. Clearly as the gas networks we are very mindful of the fact that we have a central role in the energy system at the moment, but that we will need to change what we’re doing and what gases we are transporting in order to provide for the consumers of the future in a net zero world.”

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