Gnewt becomes latest addition to growing E-Flex project

The UK’s largest 100% commercial electric vehicle (EV) delivery service, Gnewt, is set to explore the opportunities of Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology.

On 23 October, Gnewt announced that it was set to trial V2G as part of the E-Flex V2G demonstrator project, led by Cisco. It is aiming to explore the commercial opportunity presented by V2G through smarter electricity use and the ability of EVs to release energy back to the grid, when not being used. Gnewt said that using V2G will enable it manage the provision of electricity across its 70-strong fleet more effectively, while having continuously expanded its electric fleet, it was now looking to address the way it was charging its vehicles with the goal of becoming “even more environmentally friendly and efficient”.

Maria Hernandez, Head of Innovation at Cisco UK & Ireland, said: “From a commercial standpoint, V2G technology can transform the way urban logistics are powered and is a win-win for fleets and distributors. Reaching carbon neutrality is vital for many organisations, but additionally, E-Flex hopes to prove to businesses the commercial viability of a V2G infrastructure, helping to get the most out of fleets across the country.”