Good Energy launches UK’s first heat pump tariff

Good Energy will launch the UK’s first ever tariff for heat pumps in the autumn, it has confirmed.

On 27 July, it announced that the tariff will make it more cost effective to run a heat pump, using 100% renewable energy, by offering cheaper unit rates at certain times of day. This will mean customers are able to benefit from surplus renewable generation or low demand on the grid. It was noted as being ideal for those looking to benefit from the government’s recently announced Green Homes Grant scheme, which will provide households with £10,000 to undertake green home improvements.

Good Energy added that the combination of its new tariff with the grant will help to overcome the most commonly cited barrier for homeowners looking to use a heat pump of cost – both in terms of the installation and running costs.  

Julian Davenport, Founder and CEO of Good Energy, said: “The vast majority of homes in the UK are kept warm with fossil fuels in the form of gas. It’s a huge thing to tackle if we are to decarbonise the UK. So, the Green Home Grants scheme is a good move by the Chancellor and Good Energy is helping it go further with this innovative tariff.” 

Good Energy