Government and Ofgem respond to clean growth strategy report

The Science and Technology Committee has published responses from the government and Ofgem to its report into the clean growth strategy.

The report, published on 22 August, warned that the government’s 2050 net zero target was undeliverable without new clean growth policies and looked into key areas of shortfall as well as making recommending solutions. The committee, headed up by Sir Norman Lamb, published the responses in its First Special Report on 1 November. Lamb, at the time of the initial report’s publication, said that it was key the government put its words into actions.

In its response, the government agreed that targets alone were not enough and had to be backed up by ambitious policy to meet them. It also stressed that the coming year will see plans laid out for different sectors, including a heat policy roadmap in 2020. It also assured that it will call on other nations at the COP26 summit to “rise to the challenge” of taking action on climate change.

Ofgem, meanwhile, assured that one of the goals of its second price control framework will be for network companies to fund more innovation as part of their regular activities while rolling out past proven innovations into their business. The committee had called on the regulator to ensure RIIO-2 did not dilute its support for innovation.