Government funding for world’s largest liquid air battery

The government has announced it has awarded £10mn to the world’s first – and largest – commercial liquid air battery project, planned for Greater Manchester.

On 18 June, it said that the CRYOBattery project, being developed by Carlton Highview Storage – a joint venture between Highview Power and Carlton Power – will enable the UK to make better use of its wind and solar power. The 50MW/250MWh will use electricity to cool and compress air, turning it into liquid and storing it, before feeding it back through a turbine to generate electricity when the grid requires. The project will be capable of powering as many as 200,000 homes for up to five hours per day.

The government’s funding for the facility follows a £35mn investment secured by Highview from Japanese machinery firm, Sumitomo, in February. Carlton Highview Storage is planning to develop a further four CRYOBattery projects in the UK, accounting to more than 1GWh of storage.

Energy and Clean Growth Minister, Kwasi Kwarteng, said: “This revolutionary new CRYOBattery facility will form a key part of our push towards net zero, bringing greater flexibility to Britain’s electricity grid and creating green collar jobs in Greater Manchester. Projects like these will help us realise the full value of our world-class renewables, ensuring homes and businesses can still be powered by green energy, even when the sun is not shining and the wind not blowing.”

BEIS   The Guardian