Government launches £1bn fund to tackle climate change

British scientists and innovators will be able to access up to £1bn of aid funding to develop and test new technology to tackle climate change in developing countries.

On 23 September, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the launch of the Ayrton Fund in a bid to ensure developing countries can access the latest technology to cut emissions and meet global climate change targets. The fund will enable scientists to work in partnership with developing countries to transform their energy sectors through measures such as providing affordable access to electricity for the 1bn people off grid; enhancing large-scale battery technology to replace polluting diesel generators; and designing low-emission and electric vehicles.

Business and Energy Secretary, Andrea Leadsom, said: “Having successfully decarbonised while growing our economy, we’re proud to work with the poorest countries, who suffer most from the impacts of climate change, to develop and deploy wind, solar and battery technology to help drive the clean energy transition.”