Government seeks views on heat network regulation proposals

The government has launched a consultation in which it has set out proposals to amend the Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations.

Published on 17 October, the new proposals look to ensure – where technically feasible and cost effective – that final consumption metering devices are installed on heat and cooling networks and that billing is based on consumption.

Views are invited on the introduction of three building classes to which a range of categories of buildings would be assigned. These are the “Viable” class, where meters must be installed, the “Exempt” class, where meters are not required, and the “Open” class, where meters or heat cost allocators are required as long as they are cost effective.

The consultation also proposes extending the scope of the current requirements that are in place for meter accuracy, maintenance and billing to all installed metering devices. The deadline for responses is 11:45PM on 12 December.