Government sets out Future Homes Standard proposals

The government has set out a series of proposals to bolster building regulations from 2020 as it looks to pave the way for the Future Homes Standard.

Published on 1 October alongside its vision for an “environmental revolution” in home building, the government launched a consultation in which it has proposed two carbon reduction options for new build homes. The first, driven by better building fabric standards, would see a 20% reduction in emissions from new build homes while the second, accomplished through fabric improvements and the use of low-carbon heating technologies and PV panels, would lead to a 31% cut. This was noted as being the government’s preferred option.

Elsewhere, the consultation has also set out a tightening of transitional arrangements and requested input on how councils can assist in getting the best energy standards from developers.

The proposals have already been met positively by the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC), which praised them for being a “new and extremely welcome level of ambition”. The UKGBC added that the 2020 changes should lead to a “significant improvement” in carbon reductions from new homes and offered key clarity on future improvement in 2025.

John Alker, Director of Policy and Places at UKGBC, said: “There is much work still to do on the detail of these announcements, and there are further challenges ahead associated with addressing the performance gap, unregulated energy and the embodied carbon of new developments. But at long last it appears as though we are heading in the right direction.”

The consultation will run until 10 January 2020, closing at 11:45PM.

Ministry of Housing   UKGBC