Government sets out proposals for Green Heat Network Fund

The government is seeking views on the design of the proposed Green Heat Network Fund (GHNF) scheme.

On 30 November, BEIS published a consultation on how the GHNF, which is set to help new and existing heat networks to move to low and zero carbon technologies, should be designed. Views are sought on all the major components of the scheme such as the application criteria; sources of thermal energy supported; types of heat networks in scope and the eligibility criteria; and the finance and supply chain.

It outlined the objectives of the GHNF scheme as being to achieve carbon savings and decreases in the carbon intensity of heat supplied; to increase the total amount of low-carbon utilisation heat networks, both retrofitted and new; and to help prepare the market for future low-carbon regulation and ensure compliance with existing regulations.

The consultation will close at 11:45PM on 29 January 2021.