Government told to deliver pledge to decarbonise UK homes

Climate change campaigners have called on the government to deliver on its manifesto pledge of £9.2bn to improve energy efficiency in homes.

Following Prime Minister (PM) Boris Johnson’s announcement on how the UK’s coronavirus recovery must be quick and green, the Climate Coalition (CC) warned that if the government is serious about a green building programme, it must decarbonise UK homes. With the UK having among the most energy inefficient housing stock in western Europe, the CC further stressed that the energy efficiency pledge from the Conservative manifesto must be delivered, if the country is to hit its 2050 net zero target.

Ed Matthew, a CC Director, said that the PM’s speech had a “giant black hole” in the middle of it, meaning the energy efficiency pledge. Matthew explained: “That was a really major pledge, and it was the biggest climate change pledge that they made in their manifesto. But it was completely missing from the PM’s speech and it’s notable by its absence, and that’s a real worry.”

Sky News