Grants offered for electricity generators to boost local output

Electricity generations across the South and East of England have been told to claim grants to help boost local energy output.

On 28 October, UK Power Networks (UKPN) announced funding is on offer for electricity generators connected before February 2018 to upgrade the hardware that connects to the network. UKPN explained that energy resources all use standard protection settings in their hardware when connecting to a network however, owed to the huge growth in renewable energy, this has changed the way electricity systems operate. It now means updated protection settings are needed in generators’ hardware to ensure reliability is maintained by stopping older generators from cutting off unnecessarily.

The move should enable renewable energy generators to export more energy onto the network, UKPN noted. The funding window will close on 10 November.

Matt White, Network Development and Operability Manager at UKPN, said: “There is a national drive to get as many generators as possible to upgrade their hardware and we’ve already seen a really good response, but we know that there are many more generators eligible for grants that have not yet claimed them. The hardware upgrade is relatively straightforward and has already been performed on more than 4,000 sites nationwide. Ultimately it’s going to save generators and customers money, and contribute to a more resilient and reliable electricity system.”