Green jobs could surge with government support

Jobs in renewable energy and clean technology could increase 85% in 10 years if supported by the government, the Renewable Energy Association (REA) has said.

On 10 March, the REA published its Renewable Energy Review report, where it set out how employment in the renewables and clean technology industry could reach 238,000 by 2030 – up from 128,954 in 2017-18. The forecast comes despite industry jobs rising just 1.5% from 2017 figures. The REA explained that despite some policy advances taking place during the year following these figures – notably net zero legislation and the Offshore Wind Sector Deal – a number of policy barriers remain in place, stopping the industry from unleashing it full potential.

The REA called on government to set out a range of policy proposals as part of a comprehensive decarbonisation strategy by COP26. Its “key asks” included quick win policies being implemented in 2020 to help decarbonise heat, power and transport, as well as making sure the new Office for Environmental Protection has strong enforcement capabilities to ensure government policies support decarbonisation in line with Carbon Budgets and the Committee on Climate Change’s advice.

It also called for the net zero strategy to include a detailed, funded and measurable roadmap that delivers wholesale systems-change required to decarbonise heat, power and transport, while protecting natural capital and creating jobs, as well as advocating implementing a more effective taxation system that protects natural capital, incentivises renewable energy and clean energy beyond fossil fuels, and provides a route to market for renewable transport, power and heat technologies.