Green New Deal targets net-zero by 2030

The cross-party Green New Deal Group has published its Green New Deal Bill with a headline aim of net-zero emissions by 2030.

The Green New Deal was published on 20 September and will look to ensure there is a shift from a focus on economic growth to zeroing in on reducing inequality, tackling climate change and protecting the natural environment instead. Legally binding targets would be introduced to cut emissions, reverse inequality and turn around degradation of the environment, year-on-year to 2030, with the goal to be maintaining a zero-carbon economy after that.

The legislation would look at ways of reducing air travel, cutting consumption of meat and dairy, overhauling energy and transport systems, decarbonising farming, making homes energy-efficient and ensuring all new homes are carbon neutral.

The bill also aims to establish a Green New Deal Commission that would be tasked with developing a comprehensive action plan to transform the country’s energy supply, transport system, farming and buildings. This would, the group explained, set out the UK’s international obligations and prioritise tackling the climate emergency and restoring the natural environment.

Green New Deal Group