Gridserve completes “game changing” hybrid solar farm

Gridserve has announced the completion of a “game changing” hybrid solar and battery storage project, which it will now hand over to Warrington Borough Council.

It explained that it has combined a 34.7MW solar farm in York with a 30MW battery storage system to maximise revenues and balance the grid, both during the day and at a night, through direct solar generation and stored power. The project is capable of supplying enough energy for a town, with Gridserve stating that it demonstrated how local authorities can partner with developers to deliver projects to cut carbon, supply clean electricity and generate funds for essential services.

Early next year, Warrington Borough Council is set to purchase a second project, this time a 25.7MW solar farm in Hull. Gridserve will operate and maintain both projects over their lifetimes, maximising system performance and value for the council.

It is expected that both projects will generate an operating surplus of over £100mn over 30 years, with this being invested in key services. The electricity from the York hybrid project is to be sold on the open market, whereas the power from the Hull solar farm is to supply the council’s energy needs, making it the first local authority to produce all of its own electricity.

CEO and founder of Gridserve, Toddington Harper, said: “Projects like this, which also require no government subsidy whatsoever, demonstrate that the UK can meet its net zero obligations well before 2050 and enable us to move the needle in delivering radical carbon reductions within the next 10 years. We’ve completely rethought the solar model to maximise value, and we’ve now demonstrated that we have what it takes to make projects like this a reality.”