Households to be paid for daytime green electricity use

Due to a surge in clean energy and a fall in demand, households will be paid for daytime green electricity use during the coronavirus lockdown, according to The Guardian.

On 5 April, it reported that households using the Agile Octopus energy tariff, offered by Octopus Energy, were contacted on Saturday and told they would be paid for every kWh of electricity they use during the sunniest hours of Sunday afternoon. From 11am to 4pm, customers will earn 0.22p-3.3p/ kWh to utilise the UK’s abundance of clean energy.

On the morning of 5 April, windfarms had contributed close to 40% of the UK’s electricity while solar power had made up a fifth of the power system. With pubs, restaurants, factories and other companies having to shut down, the country’s energy demand has fallen by around 10% and electricity market prices have reached their lowest level in 10 years.

The Guardian