Iberdrola continues sustainable mobility innovation drive

Iberdrola has acquired a stake in electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions firm Wallbox as part of its strategy to promote innovative sustainable mobility.

On Tuesday 25 June, it was announced that Wallbox had completed a €15mn funding round – led by Iberdrola – to strengthen its leading position in Europe while also supporting its global expansion. Iberdrola made the investment under its Perseo start-up programme that looks to support companies developing key technologies to future energy developments.

Luis Buil, Iberdrola’s Smart Mobility Manager, said: “The operation is one of our main strategies for continuing to lead the energy transition to a low-carbon economy; innovation to identify and develop new technologies that will enable us to improve the energy sustainability model; and our commitment to electrifying transportation, as a way to combat climate change.”

Under its Sustainable Mobility Plan, Iberdrola is aiming to roll out 25,000 EV charging stations through Spain by 2021 and in the company’s other global markets.