IEA looks to shine a light on cooling

Amidst a growing number of heatwaves in Europe during this summer, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has warned that access to cooling services is becoming a major issue.

In their commentary, published on 23 July, Energy Technology Policy Analyst John Dulac,and Analyst Chiara Delmastro explained that out of 2.8bn people living in hot countries with average daily temperatures of over 25°C, less than 10% own an air conditioner. This is in stark contrast to ownership rates exceeding 90% in the United States and Japan.

Under the IEA’s Cooling for All scenario, 90% of people living in hot climates will have air conditioning access by 2100. The commentary outlined two approaches to achieving these, with access to cooling services gained either through using a diesel generator distributed to individual households with one small air-conditioning unit or through a combination of solar PV unit with battery storage. Both cases would see air conditioning access grow significantly in the next 30 years, seeing up to 75% of the population in hot countries having an air conditioner by 2050.