Igloo launches new home service

Igloo Energy is aiming to ensure customers’ homes become “smarter, more efficient and cost less to run” with the launch of its new service, Igloo Works.

Igloo Works offers three solutions – smart thermostats, hybrid heating and electric vehicle (EV) charging – and was promoted alongside a competition to win “free energy for a year” up to a value of £1,250. Igloo added it will make personal recommendations based on information submitted through the Me & My Home section of its app and is offering a money back guarantee if customers “aren’t convinced they have saved”.

Its hybrid heating offer will see the installation of an air source heat pump alongside existing boilers, while its EV charging solution uses the Igloo Smart EV app. The app aims to charge a user’s car with as little carbon as possible by selecting the best times to charge when generation supplying the grid is cleaner. Igloo is also offering to replace old thermostats with the tado° Smart Thermostat which is able to use the location of a customer’s phone to control heating, meaning no energy is wasted.