IGov calls for overhaul of local energy governance to hit net zero target

IGov has proposed a new statutory duty to be placed on local authorities and a devolution of carbon budgets to address a mismatch between developments focused on local energy systems and the governance structures that enable and support change.

On 3 July, it called for local authorities to be obligated to prepare Local Transformation Plans (LTPs). These would be aligned with the devolution of carbon budgets at a local level and look to integrate decarbonisation into local planning. It explained that the overriding purpose of such a proposal would be to ensure that the UK’s 2050 net zero target is delivered across the UK, while avoiding a rhetoric and delivery mismatch that, IGov said, “has been evident across scales of governance for too long”.

It outlined that such an approach could also help to reinvigorate devolution and the UK economy, while the preparation of LTPs would also offer a route to unpicking likely regional economic and social disparities sparked by rapid decarbonisation.