Industry first as smart meters set to be linked with smart thermostats

OVO Energy is set to link smart meter data to smart thermostats in an industry first, handing customers greater information to manage their energy and control their carbon footprint.

On 10 December, it announced that emails had been sent to beta testers, offering them a tado° Smart Thermostat linked to their smart meter, which would then be able to extrapolate data to provide bespoke advice on how much money can be saved. Once installed, members would be able to sync their tado° account with their OVO Energy account and allow for energy usage to be matched against the choice of temperature controls. A “Smart Thermostat” option will appear in the My OVO app, providing the ember with personalised advice using data from both devices.

Additional features include scheduling, with the ability to schedule and control heating and hot water from anywhere through both apps; location-based control, with geofencing reminding members to turn down the heating when the last person leaves home; and weather forecasts, as tado° Smart Thermostats adapt to local weather to maximise heating efficiency. OVO highlighted how as boiler usage is set to rise by 56% this winter, with a greater number of people working from home, OVO Energy Members will be able to see the value of temperature controls for the first time ever by seeing the cost implications of setting various temperatures.

The initial beta test is set to be rolled out and available to all OVO Energy members in the UK in autumn 2021.

OVO Energy