Innovative North Norfolk sandscaping scheme celebrates completion

The Bacton to Walcott Sandscaping Scheme, designed to protect local communities and critical infrastructure at the Bacton Gas Terminal site from the North Sea, has been completed.

The Crown Estate, along with North Norfolk District Council and project partners celebrated completion of the scheme in late September. It has seen 1.8mn cubic metres of sand placed on the beaches of Bacton and Walcott, creating significantly wider beaches and much-improved access. By sandscaping in this way, it is expected that it will offer this stretch of the North Norfolk coast 15-20 years of protection from coastal erosion and the impacts of climate change.

Emma Howard Boyd, Chair of the Environment Agency, said: “The climate crisis requires innovation and collaboration between countries, organisations, sectors and communities. The Bacton to Walcott scheme is a model for other climate resilience projects, protecting key national infrastructure while also delivering added coastal protection to the local villages. It is an example of how very different organisations from the private and public sector can work together to deliver a variety of benefits which would just not happen by working in isolation.”

The Crown Estate