Inquiry to explore local government and path to net zero

The role of local government in helping the UK to reduce carbon emissions to net zero is set to be explored by MPs as part of a new inquiry.

On 10 March, the Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee launched an inquiry into local government and the path to net zero, seeking submissions on how else local government can help the UK to reach its 2050 target, with improved and decarbonised public transport, waste management and decarbonising the electricity grid all highlighted as areas of particular interest.

As well as this, it will assess the government’s plans to make all new homes zero carbon ready by 2025 through the Future Homes Standard. The call for evidence seeking views on whether the government’s proposals for improving the energy efficiency of new homes by 2025 go far enough and what role local planning authorities should play in determining local energy efficiency standards.

It also asks if government is right to anticipate heat pumps becoming the primary heating technology for new homes, if the government’s plans address the performance gap between design intent and building quality of new homes, and if government is right to introduce revised transitional arrangements.

The closing date for submissions is Friday 30 April 2021.