Kaluza and sonnen join forces to unlock energy flexibility

Kaluza, OVO Group’s intelligent energy platform, has entered into a partnership with battery storage manufacturer, sonnen that will lead to new flexibility being introduced onto the grid.

Announced on Thursday 27 June, OVO Group said the partnership signalled a “significant step forward” for the energy industry as it looks to transition to a distributed, zero-carbon grid. The collaboration will see Kaluza integrated with sonnen’s home energy storage system and virtual power plant. This will allow it to provide flexibility services and also ensure it can balance the grid.

Stephen Fitzpatrick, CEO and Founder, Kaluza and OVO Group, said: “We will only achieve the shift to electricity through collaboration. Batteries such as sonnen’s are critical to our energy security as they support a resilient, independent energy system as well as providing back up supply.”

OVO Group