Kaluza claims UK first with combined grid flexibility service

Kaluza has gone live with its new flexibility service to Western Power Distribution (WPD), which uses a range of smart home devices, marking what it says is a UK-first.

On 24 August, it explained that its flexibility platform already provides a paid service through intelligent optimisation of sonnenbatterie charging and discharging. However now, as part of WPD’s IntraFlex project, it is adding domestic electric vehicle (EV) smart charging and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) optimisation within a single, combined service across domestic storage and transport devices.

The platform will shift EV charging away from times of high demand, ensuring devices import energy when cheapest and greenest for end customers and the grid. Alongside this, the V2G chargers and sonnenbatteries will support the network with available export capacity to help the grid during high peaks in demand.

Kaluza said that optimising a combination of domestic devices for flexibility had never been done before and demonstrated the way forwards to a scalable flex market at all levels of the energy system. It also noted that the new service marks a milestone for domestic V2G chargers, with their collective power to prove local flexibility harnessed for the first time.