Labour sets green recovery challenge for government

Labour has called on government to support the creation of 400,000 jobs as part of a green recovery from coronavirus.

On 10 November, it published a report, following a consultation with businesses, trade unions and other stakeholders around what a credible green recovery should look like. Its findings included a call for government to recover jobs by bringing forward capital investment and dedicating it to low-carbon sectors – with at least £30bn in the next 18 months suggested – as part of a rapid stimulus package to support up to an estimated 400,000 additional jobs.

It should also aim to retrain workers by putting in place an emergency training programme to hand those impacted by the unemployment crisis the skills they need for a future, greener economy, along with looking to create a National Investment Bank to help rebuild business. This would be focused on green investment and ensure public money always aids the drive to net zero, rather than hinder it.

The report also drew on a number of areas where UK progress has, so far, been limited but where action now could boost new jobs and address the climate and environmental crisis, including expanding energy efficiency and retrofit programmes, such as those for social housing; accelerating planned investment in electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure; and expanding investment in carbon capture and storage and hydrogen to help establish new opportunities for highly skilled workers.