Labour unveils pathway to net zero by 2030

Labour has welcomed a report identifying the most radical feasible pathway to decarbonise the energy system by 2030.

Published on 24 October, the report, 30 by 2030, was compiled by a group of independent energy industry experts and commissioned by Labour following its party conference pledge of achieving net zero by 2030. The report identified four key goals to achieve the necessary transformation of the UK’s energy supply and use: cutting energy waste in buildings and industry; decarbonising heat; boosting renewable and low carbon electricity generation; and balancing the UK’s supply and demand.

From this, it made 30 recommendations with these including the upgrading every home in the UK with energy saving measures; the installation of 8mn heat pumps; and the installation of 7,000 offshore wind turbines, 2,000 onshore wind turbines and solar panels covering an area of 22,000 football pitches – tripling the UK’s current capacity.

Shadow Business and Energy Secretary, Rebecca Long Bailey, said: “The recommendations in this report could put the UK on track for a zero-carbon energy system during the 2030’s – but only if rapid progress is made early on. The next five years are therefore crucial.”