Leading charge point operators told to embrace interoperability

The Chair of the APPG on Electric Vehicles (EV) has written to the Chief Executives of Ecotricity, Pod Point and BP Chargemaster on the urgency of an interoperable public EV charging infrastructure network in the UK.

Labour MP, Matt Western, published his letter to the charge point operators on October 16, in which he explained that embracing interoperability will help to make drivers’ experience more seamless. Western revealed that discussions with industry had shown a lack of interoperability in UK charging infrastructure was having an impact on global EV manufacturers’ confidence in the UK market. This, together with multiple cars, accounts and apps available, was proving detrimental to the wider industry’s development and ambitions, said Western, who called for it to be addressed urgently.

He called on the operators to put in place new systems that facilitate customers roaming across public charging networks and that it should be done in the next twelve months. Western added: “Many MPs are expecting action on this issue, and we would be happy to support amendments to the Automated and Electric Vehicles Act to ensure it if progress is not made.”

Matt Western MP