Leap and Google Nest agree deal for California demand response exchange

Google Nest’s thermostats will be included in a domestic demand-side response programme in California after it agreed a partnership with distributed energy exchange operator, Leap.

Under the agreement, announced on 23 July, the Nest thermostats will be used to bring demand response capacity onto Leap’s exchange. Nest devices will be programmed to receive and respond to price signals coming from Leap’s distributed energy eXchange platform, allowing customers in the Northern California and Bay Area to provide flexible demand capacity to the independent state system operator, CAISO.

More than 2,500 customers have already enrolled in the trial with many more expected to follow.

Thomas Folker, Chief Executive at Leap, said: “Together with Nest, we are enabling a grid that utilises all of its assets, large and small, to meet demand in a dynamic and more efficient manner. This is a capability that proves especially important as we enter the months of peak summer demand, and carries benefits throughout the year.”

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