Local leaders sign up to Net Zero 2045 pledge

A group of regional leaders have signed up to UK100’s Net Zero Local Leadership Pledge and called on others from across the UK to join them.

On 10 December, UK100 confirmed that 41 local leaders across England and Scotland had signed the pledge, which tasks them with bringing their own council emissions to net zero by 2030, while working with their residents and businesses to bring emissions from the wider community in line with net zero “as soon as possible” – or 2045 at the latest, five years earlier than the government is targeting for the whole of the UK.

The pledge calls on the leaders – which include those from six London Boroughs, Greater Manchester, Liverpool and the West Midlands – to capitalise on being “uniquely placed” to tackle the climate emergency and collaborate with those that live and work in their communities. This would involve building consensus on the solutions needed to transition to a net zero society that delivers multiple benefits, is fair, just and works for everyone.

It also tasks them with monitoring progress towards targets and collaborating with other local authorities around the UK to share knowledge.