Local solar panel owners encouraged to join Corwen energy scheme

Local households that generate their own power from solar panels are being encouraged to join South Denbighshire Community Partnership’s (SDCP) Corwen Energy Local scheme.

The SDCP is looking to add up to 60 solar panel owners in the north-east Wales town with the energy generated added to the power produced from the Corwen’s existing 55kWh community hydro-electric project. Solar panel owners will be paid for their generation, with it hoped that the scheme will help to reduce fuel poverty in the area and save up to £300 a year for households on their electricity bills. Profits from the project will be put into a community fund which is anticipated to lead to £2,000 annually for local projects.

SDCP Chief Officer, Margaret Sutherland, said: “Research we have carried out has shown there are real issues with rural and fuel poverty in Edeyrnion and we hope this is the start of addressing that. Corwen can become a model for others to follow as the town develops into a hub of renewable energy and there is scope for this to be extended in the future.”

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