London strives to use clean, flexible, locally generated energy

A £6mn programme in London is supporting Mayor, Sadiq Khan’s ambition of having the capital use clean, flexible and locally generated energy.

Launched late last year, the Local Energy Accelerator (LEA) will provide expertise and support to organisations that are looking to develop clean and locally generated energy projects. This could include district energy networks using renewable heat sources, including river water and waste heat from the London Underground, and technologies like heat pumps, solar panels, batteries and smart electric vehicle charging to transform the way London generates, supplies and uses clean local energy in buildings and transport.

The LEA is targeting annual savings of 20,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per annum, as well as 3MW of installed renewable capacity by July 2023. It also will aim to increase renewable energy generation capacity beyond the end of the programme; increase the number of local jobs in the clean energy sector; and work with stakeholders to raise the skills, capacity and capability needed to develop and implement projects.

Other objectives include reducing fuel poverty through increasing the flexibility of energy demand to cut costs; identifying strategically important distributed energy projects using clean secondary heat sources and renewable energy and bringing them to market; facilitating the development of area-wide district energy and smart grid networks; and enabling the expansion of district energy networks by facilitating the planning for and integration of cleaner locally available secondary heat sources and renewable energy.