London’s zero-carbon railway moves “significant step closer”

The Mayor of London’s ambition for a zero-carbon railway by 2030 has moved closer after Transport for London’s (TfL) renewable energy requirements were published to market.

Announced on 17 July, TfL has developed plans to purchase power from renewable generators through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), ensuring its rail network is powered by energy sources such as wind and solar. It is one of the largest consumers of electricity in the UK, requiring 1.6TWh per annum – equivalent to 12% of homes across London. It is intending to start a TfL PPA with energy generators in phased way, potentially purchasing up to 10% of its demand by spring 2022.

Market testing will explore all elements of the contracts, ensuring TfL secures a good deal for London, while assessing the potential meeting the Greater London Authority group’s wider demand for renewable electricity, which stands at 143GWh.

The Mayor will also look at opportunities to meet London’s wider public sector electricity demand with renewables, helping to achieve zero carbon faster through collaboration with London’s local authorities’ offices, schools and leisure centres. These organisations, along with the GLA group, consume around 3TWh of electricity every year, equivalent to 22% of homes across London.

Mayor of London