Lotus and Centrica to develop new model of EV ownership

Lotus and Centrica have joined forces to develop a new model for electric vehicle (EV) ownership, one that fully integrates future mobility and energy.

The new strategic partnership, announced on 11 May, will see the companies engage in a “multi-work-stream strategy” together, involving a dedicated Lotus EV Energy strategy, charging infrastructure to serve Lotus’ global network and customers, a decarbonisation strategy for Lotus operations globally, and a new energy product and platform integrating connected vehicles, homes and customers to support the growth in digital mobility lifestyle.

The companies explained that by making the car an extension of the home – capable of storing electricity, minimising emissions and generating new income by providing services to the energy market – they will aim to “redefine the customer relationship with cars”. Centrica will facilitate a sustainability program leveraging innovative, low carbon technologies to help mitigate Lotus’ environment impact to support it in meeting its carbon reduction aspirations.

Carl Bayliss, Vice President of Centrica Innovations, said: “Owning an electric vehicle isn’t the same as owning an internal combustion engine car. We see a future where the customer, car and home are connected, enabling new services beyond charging the car, and new products and experiences replacing the unremarkable standard relationship with energy and the ownership of a car today.”

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