Low Carbon Homes to hold Norwich event in May

Low Carbon Homes (LCH) has found delegates have left events ready and willing to take immediate action on improving energy efficiency throughout 2019.

LCH has hosted events in Dorset, Sussex, Suffolk and Manchester during 2019, focused on retrofit, with the aim of driving the adaptation of new energy saving standards. It has sought to offer a platform for professionals to share best practice and discover pioneering methodologies and products to transform home efficiency, reduce fuel poverty and lower carbon emissions, while addressing five key challenges. These are apathy and resistance to change; cost perceptions; confusing and conflicting information from experts; technological complications, with the pace of innovation difficult to keep up with; and inconsistent government policies.

Feedback in 2019 has been hugely positive, with the format, content and value of the free-to-attend events highly appreciated by targeted regional influencers, alongside strong levels of delegate engagement, high levels of satisfaction and advocacy, and consistent interest in technical solutions.

More events are scheduled for 2020 – with on-going analysis, assessment and review of format and content ensuring continual development – including one in Norwich, sponsored by New Anglia Energy, at the Kings Street Centre on 6 May. The event will focus on domestic energy efficiency/response, retrofitting and behavioural change.