Low-carbon Norwich council estate wins RIBA Stirling Prize 2019

A low-carbon council estate in Norwich has been praised as a “modest masterpiece” after winning the Royal Institute of British Architects’ (RIBA) Stirling Prize for the UK’s best building.

Made up of 100 highly energy-efficient homes, the Goldsmith Estate, has a passive solar scheme which is designed to minimise fuel bills for residents with annual energy costs forecast to be 70% cheaper than that of the average household. It consists of rows of two-storey houses, bookended by three-storey flats, all of which face south to maximise solar gain.

Alan Jones, President of RIBA, said: “Faced with a global climate emergency, the worst housing crisis for generations and crippling local authority cuts, Goldsmith Street is a beacon of hope. It is commended not just as a transformative social housing scheme and eco-development, but a pioneering exemplar for other local authorities to follow.”