Mentoring programme seeks to support community energy groups

Community energy groups are being invited to apply for a mentoring programme.

Next Generation’s Community Energy Peer Mentoring Programme is offering up to 40 community energy groups and community actors interested in energy-related projects in England the opportunity to benefit from free, expert support on a wide range of issues. Potential topics could include a particular technology members would like to learn more about; innovative solutions, such as microgrids, energy storage, using smart energy data or grid flexibility; engaging with people, focusing on topics such as fuel poverty or general skills; and business development and partnership working.

The programme is open to both new and established community energy groups and will allow them the chance to network with others in the sector. Each group will be assigned an experienced community energy mentor who then coordinates and leads sessions, with mentoring focused on issues deemed most important to the group, identified through a matchmaking process. A mentor could oversee up to four mentees, grouped together based on their needs and interested, allowing them to share experience and knowledge.

Up to four days of peer mentoring support will be given, with sessions taking place between June and November 2021. The deadline for applications is 4 May 2021.