Monarch offering free solar panels to bridge FiT gap

Monarch Partnership is offering free solar panel installations for commercial and residential properties in a bid to fill the gap left by the closure of the Feed-in-Tariff scheme.

The new scheme, launched in early August, has no up-front costs and all energy generated will be supplied to the grid. Users will be able to buy power back on a fixed tariff – frozen at a rate significantly lower than the electricity grid tariff. Monarch has said it could deliver annual energy bill savings of up to 33%.

It is suitable for buildings capable of generating 50kWh, with other advantages of the scheme including that any future energy demand beyond a user’s renewable generation will be supplied by their current energy contract.

Monarch Partnership’s Carbon Consultant, Stephanie Strange, said: “This new scheme reinstates the financial incentives for renewable generation that disappeared along with the feed-in-tariff. Not only does it support energy cost management but will unlock emissions savings at a time when the carbon footprint of the UK’s building stock is coming under increased scrutiny as part of Government climate-change targets.”

Monarch Partnership