MPs seek to close gaps in Climate Change Act

A cross-party group of MPs are supporting a bill that would see international aviation, shipping and consumption fall within the UK’s 2050 net zero target.

On 2 September, Business Green set out how the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill would require the inclusion of emissions from the UK’s share of international aviation and shipping in its 2050 net zero goal. Emissions linked to UK supply chains and consumption would also be linked. Spearheaded by Green Party MP, Caroline Lucas, MPs from Labour, the SNP, Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru and SDLP are supporting the bill, as are scientists, business figures and campaigners from Extinction Rebellion.

The legislation looks to place a stronger legal requirement for the government to protect and restore forests, soils and ecosystems so as to deliver a natural means of absorbing CO2, as well as stating that only natural carbon capture methods should be used to meet the country’s net zero targets. It also looks to set up a citizen’s assembly to work directly with ministers to develop a strategy for the fairest and most effective way of decarbonising the economy and lifestyles.

Lucas said that the existing Climate Change Act “urgently” needed updating. Lucas added: “It is vital that we learn the lessons of the coronavirus pandemic, where we have paid a terrible price for poor preparation and a slow and inadequate response. We cannot say there were no warnings of the climate and nature crises – they have been there for years. It’s time we responded at the scale and speed the science demands by passing this Bill and acting on it.”

Business Green