National Grid Partners grows portfolio to enable “energy systems of tomorrow”

National Grid Partners has added three new investments in AI and Internet of Things (IoT) firms to grow its portfolio to 18 companies.

On 25 October, Current News reported that investments had been made in CNIguard, building IoT sensors, SparkCognition, a provider of AI solutions, and Uniphore, focused on recreating customer service using AI-enabled Conservational Service Automation.

Since its formation in 2018, National Grid Partners has already invested in $102mn in emerging technologies across a plethora of areas and is planning to invest a further $250mn in early and growth stage start-ups in future.

Lisa Lambert, Founder and President of National Grid Partners, said: “We are investing in the technologies that will enable the energy systems of tomorrow. From modernising our assets, to providing advanced safeguarding and security measures, National Grid is delivering a safer and more seamless energy experience for its customers.”

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