Net Zero APPG lays out action plan for government

The Net Zero All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) has set out a “Net Zero Action Plan” for government to “urgently adopt and implement” in pursuit of the UK’s 2050 goal.

Published on 10 November, the 10-point plan calls for government to develop a clear and systematic roadmap for the sustainable delivery of net zero at scale, clarifying urgent short-term priorities and setting interim 5-year targets. It also calls for an expansive, ambitious Covid-19 green recovery package, which focuses on green job creation and workforce reskilling, prioritises energy efficiency, incentivises scaled-up green technology and infrastructure development, and seeks to maximise local impact through coordination with local government and industry.

Building standards and incentives should be overhauled, bringing both existing and newer buildings in line with net zero. This would include encouraging and, where necessary, mandating the use of low carbon materials, low emission heating, retrofits to existing homes, energy efficient design and construction.

Elsewhere, the plan calls for the development of an ambitious net zero hydrogen strategy; for the planned sale of new internal combustion engine vehicles to be brought forward from 2040 to 2030; and for electricity demand response tools and incentives to be enhanced for consumers and industry to increase grid management flexibility, improve efficiency, and allow higher renewable energy penetration.

Net Zero APPG