Net zero target could be brought forwards, says Skidmore

Interim Energy and Clean Growth Minister Chris Skidmore has revealed the 2050 net zero target could be brought forward to 2045, dependent on the results of its five-year review.

Skidmore was speaking before the BEIS Committee on Tuesday 16 July and explained that for an acceleration of the target to occur would require technologies being advanced enough. He felt that the five-year review mechanism would also ensure the UK can compare progress to its international counterparts and “keep up the pressure” with regards to other countries’ ambitions.

BEIS Director of Clean growth Tim Lord added that the government would take advice from the Committee on Climate Change at the five-year landmark.

The session also saw Skidmore acknowledge the government had “begun late” on the delivery of carbon capture usage and storage technologies while suggesting that the Energy White Paper would be published later this summer.