New battery to enable landfill gas to balance grid

YLEM Energy has installed the UK’s first 1MW battery energy storage system alongside a landfill-gas generator, ensuring the site is able to participate in National Grid’s Balancing Mechanism.

On 19 June, YLEM Energy announced the battery had been installed at Yorwaste’s Harewood Whin landfill site near York. It will be charged by the existing on-site generation system and capable of storing and supplying up to 1.2MWh of power to meet demands of the network at short notice.

Benefits of the project alongside providing network resilience including reducing the industrial and commercial users’ reliance on peak-time energy tariffs.

Ian Gadsby, YLEM Energy’s Managing Director, said: “These new technologies are playing an increasing role in helping the UK energy sector continue its process of decentralisation and meet its ambitious targets for reducing carbon emissions – by helping integrate low and zero-carbon generation technologies such as renewables into the grid.”

YLEM Energy