New device simulator to support integration of clean energy to grid

Smarter Grid Solutions (SGS) has published an OpenFMB device simulator, which it hopes will help to support the integration of clean energy to the grid.

On 31 July, SGS explained the open source project will look to accelerate the development, testing and adoption of distributed energy resources (DERs) using the OpenFMB messaging and data model. The interoperability framework was developed after the rapid increase of DERs, including wind and solar, which meant a greater need for cohesion and information sharing among the respective systems.

Bob Currie, Chief Technology Officer of SGS, said: “This device simulator project, which we’ve made publicly available for free, helps the utility and technology community understand, develop and test what we believe is a critical interoperability standard and framework for the future grid. We think our OpenFMB simulator will be a valuable contribution to addressing smart grid interoperability needs for distributed energy resources.”

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