New tariff to offer community-generated green electricity to all in UK

Co-op Energy is to offer the first energy tariff that delivers electricity exclusively from community projects, such as small windfarms and small solar projects around the UK.

On 12 January, The Guardian reported that the supplier will charge an extra £5 a month over Co-op’s regular tariff in order to provide power from community energy projects and gas, which includes a carbon offset in the price. The clean electricity for the new tariff will be sourced directly from 90 local renewable energy generation projects throughout the UK, including the Westmill wind and solar farms in Oxfordshire. All profits will be reinvested in maintaining the community projects and building new ones.

Phil Ponsonby, Chief Executive of Midcounties Co-operative, said that the tariff is the only one in the UK to be powered by 100% community-generated electricity. Furthermore, Ponsonby assured it would ensure a fair price is paid to community generators.

The Guardian