NIC calls for industry to back national rapid charging network

The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) is encouraging the industry to get behind its call for a national rapid charging network as part of its Charge Up Britain campaign.

The campaign will look to bolster awareness of why a national network of rapid chargers is necessary, through media, online and with stakeholders, explaining that it could significantly increase the pace of electric vehicle (EV) uptake. The NIC noted how the National Infrastructure Assessment had already highlighted how 52 urban areas in Britain with populations greater than 50,000 people were not served by a rapid charger.

Bridget Rosewell, Commissioner at the NIC, said: “We want the government to take decisive action and commit to rolling out a truly national and visible network of charging points for electric vehicles right across the country. Drivers will only have the confidence to go electric if they know they’ll be able to reach their destination, so this is absolutely vital.”