Norwich City Council’s Roar Energy three months from launch

Norwich City Council announced earlier this year that it is to launch a new white label energy supplier, Roar Energy, in partnership with ENGIE. The launch in now just over three months away.

Through the supplier, a range of 100% renewable tariffs will be provided, as well as the option of a 100% green gas tariff. A social tariff will also be offered, allowing customers to pay more for their energy, with the extra cost going towards helping those in fuel poverty. The council will aim to install solar panels in council homes, as well as energy-efficient boilers; it hopes more than 1,500 customers per year will sign up across the first three years.

ENGIE UK Divisional CEO, Homes and Enterprise Kevin Dibble said: “Roar Power has a simple aim of offering affordable renewable energy for local people with the incredible benefit of helping the community at the same time”.

Norwich City Council