Norwich embraces car free week

Norfolk County Council (NCC) has launched an initiative to reduce the level of traffic on roads and give the city a chance to “re-imagine its streets around people”.

On 18 September, it confirmed a Car Free Week, running from 21-27 September. The week coincides with World Car Free Day, on 22 September, where towns and cities encourage people to experience healthier, cleaner, safer streets. NCC drew on how the transport sector consumes an increasing proportion of total energy and contributes a larger percentage of global air emissions. Simple lifestyle shifts, such as cycling short distances to work or shops, can have beneficial impacts to both the individual and their community.

Through its Pushing Ahead Programme, the council has joined forces with bike share provider, Beryl, offering members of the public the chance to enjoy free rides throughout the week by downloading Beryl’s free app. Users will be offered 30 minutes free riding time on Beryl pedal bikes, as well as 15 minutes free riding on its e-bikes. The council had previously launched a month-long free ride initiative, offering free rides during the morning rush hour to relieve pressure on public transport and contribute to Norwich’s green transport recovery from COVID-19. That will run until 16 October.

Norfolk County Council