Ofgem exploring how best to realise EDTF vision

Ofgem has called on organisations to keep working to progress the energy market’s data agenda, but to reflect on the Energy Data Taskforce (EDTF) report and its data vision.

On Tuesday 9 July, the regulator explained that following the publication of EDTF report, it was working in collaboration with BEIS and Innovate UK to decide the specific and immediate steps the sector needs to maintain momentum from the EDTF and realise the vision of a modern, digitised energy system. While encouraging organisations to keep working, it called on them to explore if there were opportunities for their work to better align to EDTF principles and recommendations.

The regulator is to contact energy data users in the next few weeks to learn how they believe the EDTF recommendations can be achieved along with what they are already doing to improve their data processes and meet data needs of stakeholders.

It is also inviting users to get in contact by e-mailing [email protected] with specific suggestions and action plans, while offering thoughts on matters such as what priority next steps should be and what early benefits can be achieved.